Description of the project

Description of the project

The project "Open your mind, change your life"  was created as a response to needs of students from five schools from: Lubcza (Poland), Split (Croatia), Corfu (Greece), Bielefeld (Germany) and  Seixal (Portugal). It lasts from September 2016 till August 2018.

The target group of our project includes students aged 12-16 willing to improve their skills and knowledge connected with science, maths and key competences. We choose secondary school students as they are facing the most crucial decisions in their lives choosing their education and job careers.

Throughout additional activities and classes we want to teach our students about practical usage of their school knowledge and skills. The fact that the project involves international cooperation makes them feel more responsible and motivated to work and attend classes.

We aim at applying innovative and effective methods of teaching and learning to improve the effects of studying, get students interested in subject that seem to be demanding and too difficult, teach our students how to learn and prevent truancy and early school leaving.

Having defined our students need we chose five main topics that will involve various activities.

  • Europass and movement on the labour market
  • Science around us
  • Travelling in Europe along with Oxford debate
  • Inventors and scientists - what do we own them?
  • A sound mind in a sound body

Activities in our project are strongly connected with the priorities and will be carried out in two dimensions: local and international. Each school organises extra classes and meetings once a week for project’s participants to work on project topics and activities and to practise English language skills.  Moreover, participants will attend meetings with specialists, employers and go on educational trips.

Apart from local activities connected with the project students attend 4 international learning/teaching/training activities at host schools. The main objective of each international students’ exchange is a meeting with an employer from a host country. Every employers answers the same questions, and their answers are gathered and presented in a printed form of a booklets in English and mother languages. During mobilities students visit Universities in Europe and participate in classes with professors to experience the oppotunities of graduation from those schools. We want to combine various levels of education.

By participating in the project our students will experience international relations. We want to encourage them to express themselves and to destroy prejudices against science, maths and other cultures – despite our effort we couldn’t make it and we believe that the project will help us to achieve our priorities.

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