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Booklets with positive thoughts - perfect for winter season

Students who participate in Erasmus+ project "Open your mind, change your life" know how important is both physical and mental well-being. In this winter season when most of us miss sun we would like to send some positive energy.

Last year our students prepared booklets with positive thoughts and phrases to inspire you everyday.

Have a nice day!




Meetings with specialists – autumn term

Our project is in a full swing with the beginning of the new school year. Practising open-mindness within “Open your mind, change your life” project we organized meetings with specialist in our home countries.


Greek students met Mr Theodoros Sgouros - Internal Audit Manager who gave them very interesting guidelines and real-life examples of successful or not-so-successful CVs.

Croatian students met nutrition specialist – Mrs Valentina Uroić.

Portuguese students had a chance to meet a music therapist – Mrs Silvia Fernades who took care about their mental well-being.

German students attended the meeting with a representative of National Job Agency – Mrs Heitbreder.

Polish students met Mrs Anita Bania who is a personal trainer and nutrition specialist. She advised students about healthy lifestyle and balanced diet.


We would like to thank all specialists who agreed to meet our students and share their knowledge and skills.

We really appreciate our cooperation and look forward another meetings.


Trips to be continued


Our students who participate in Erasmus+ programme’s project „Open your mind, change your life” continue their adventure. They go on educational trips to learn new things and develop their skills.

They visit museums, exhibitions, memorials and educational centers. Let’s have a look at the spots their visited recently.


Polish students visited salt mine, medieval settlements and a museum of butterflies in Bochnia.

They also visited the art gallery in Tarnów.


Greek students visited some archeological and historical sites – Paleopolis Park and Museum.

They also visited Corfiot Public Library, English Barracks and the Old Fortress in Corfu.


German students visited Berlin and joined Job Fair in Technical College in Bielefeld.


Portuguese students visited Verdizela Region that was involved in Natura 2000 programme.

They also visited


Croatian students visited National Park Krka and Brać island to develop their environmental and historical knowledge.

They also visited Brijuni National Park, Pula, Nikola Tesla’s Memorial Center and they explored Baredine cave.


This year we are going to have one more trip for each country (at least) - follow our website and TwinSpace to find our more.


International Learning Activities in Corfu, Greece

From 15th to 21st October 2017 1st Gimnasium of Corfu was in the center of Learning/Teaching/Training Activities within Erasmus+ programme’s project “Open your mind, change your life”.

Eighteen students and seventeen teacher from partner schools form Poland, Germany, Portugal and Croatia visited Corfu and participated in project’s activities for a whole week.

The main topic of the meeting was “Travelling around Europe along with an Oxford Debate”.

During the first day students met local authorities and representatives of educational department in Corfu. The head teacher Mrs Paraskevi Kouri welcomed everybody and then students presented their schools, towns and countries. The meeting was accompanied by folk dance show and music performances prepared by Greek students.  Later students visited the Town Hall and went sightseeing Corfu getting to know its history and uniqueness of its building and fortifications.

Second day started with a trip Gastouri village where Princes Sissi had her palace on Corfu. At present there is the Achilleion Museum . Later students had a chance to observe how olive oil is produced at olive mill of  “The Governor” company. Its owner not only described the process of production of olive oil, but also discussed the significance of olives for Greek culture and human health. Students asked him many questions and got inspiration for choosing their future career “Always follow your dreams”.  Another activity prepared for participants was a visit at Environmental Education Centre where they learnt about Corfu island, desalination of sea water and wildlife on the island. For the end of the day students went to Asian Art Museum where they could encounter different culture, religion and art that is rather different from European art.

Next day was also full of activities. Students visited the Ionian University where they participated in a lecture about neuroinformatics and bioinformatics learning how our brains get to memorise and remember things. Later while lab classes they observed blood sample. This visit was a wonderful biology lesson that will not happen in a typical classroom. Another outdoor activity was a meeting with traditional olive soap producer at “Patounis”. Students revised how soap is created according to chemical formula and watched the process of soap production.  During this day science was around us in a real life not only in a school reality. During afternoon activities students took part in  international ICT quiz about Europe and made partners’ flags using mosaic technique.


On Thursday everybody went to the Palaiopolis (the ancient city of Corfu) where students participated in treasure hunt game using QR codes. We also visited a museum of this archeological site. It was a great history lesson for everybody. And in the evening we all met at school for the international party – we listened to international songs, we tried Greek cuisine and watched Greek traditional dances. Everybody had a great fun.


Friday was devoted to an Oxford debate. Students worked in international groups debating on things that are crucial while setting up a new continent. Is it education? Nutritious food? Medicines and immunization? Or clean environment? Students were really well prepared – they knew the rules of an Oxford Debate, they came up with reasonable argumentation and spoke fluently and to the point. Even if this activity was a bit stressful for them, they all performed well and gained experience in self-presentation. Later students took part in art workshops and prepared lapbooks about Greece. While their stay in Corfu they gathered leaflets and other items that they could use for lapbook. Their lapbooks were creative and none of them was similar to each other. Last spot for participants was the General Archives in Corfu – some students found their ancestors surnames and coat of arms.


Teachers held a meeting during which they discussed the project and its activities and set the dates for next international meetings.


All participants took part in evaluation and feedback activities and got the certificates.



To see photos from the meeting visit Photo Gallery Corfu meeting


Over 200 classes a year

During the first year of the project "Open your mind, change your life" teachers hold over 200 classes for students. Those classes included: maths, physics, science, English, mother languages, debating, civil education and job advising. We are glad that the attendance at those extra clases was so high. We would like to thank all students and teachers who participated in those classes.

Join our extra classes next school year 2017/2018



Travel broadens the mind

During the last few month students that take part in the project participated in educational trips.

During the trips they learnt a lot thanks to learning by doing. The project “Open your mind, change your life” promotes informal educations and takes students out of school to learn by experiencing.

Each partner school has organized so far 2 educational trips. Check our first trips:


And here are some photos from our second trips:



-        Trip to the center of glass heritage in Krosno and museum of Oil industry in Bóbrka


-        Trip to Corfu International Airport – the Tower


-        Trip to Samouco salt mines


-        Trip to Phaneo / Wolfsburg


-        Trip to Vode - Visit to the hydropower station


Next trips in July.


Specialists’ advice

Project „Open your mind, change your life” aims not only at improving students science knowledge and school skills, but also at introducing them to the adulthood and labour market. We would like to teach them that they are responsible for their lives and future – that is why we organize meeting with specialists who advise them.  There has been 10 meetings with specialists so far:

Croatian students met Mrs Valentina Uroić who is a dietician. She advised them how to compose a balanced meal and taught them what they should pay attention to while choosing products in a shop.

They also met Mrs Ana Bučević Romić who is a librarian and Croatian teacher. She taught students how to use electronic resources.

German team met a bank expert who advised them how to save money, how to start a bank account and manage home budget.

They also met Mrs Heitbreder from National Job Agency who explained them how to look for a job, how to prepare a CV and gave lot of valuable advice.

Polish students met Mrs Paulina Czech who is a dietican. She hold a lecture and workshops about healthy diet and fighting obesity.

They also met a journalist Mr Paweł Chwał who explained them how newspapers are created and taught them about self-confidence and self-presentation.

Greek students met a psychologist – Mrs Angeliki Nikita who gave students some advice how to deal with stress, how to increase confidence and to appeal to people.

They also met Mrs Latsa Eleni who as a nutritionist helped students to understand how meals should be composed, which elements should be avoided in our everyday diet.

Portuguese students met Mrs Fernanda Andrade who is a psychologist. She hold workshops that aimed at letting students know themselves, to recognize their strength.

They also met Mr Sérgio Luís who works as a health professional and advised students about health and illnesses.


All those meetings increased students’ knowledge about surrounding world and upcoming adulthood. We would like to thank all the specialist who agreed to meet our students.


Experiencing labour market – meetings with employers


One of the main aims of the project is to introduce students to the adulthood and job career that is also connected with it. Twice a year teachers from partner schools organize meetings with employers. Students ask them many questions about the way they employ people, the qualifications they require and about their memories from school. They seek for advice while choosing their career path. They can learn from somebody’s experience and the employers’’ answers help them to decide what type of school they should choose after graduating high-schools. Throughout the meetings students also get used to communication with adults, employers practicing their self-presentation, increasing their communicability, open-mindness and savoire vivre at work.

Students has met ten employers so far.

Students from Poland met and talked to Mrs Barbara Golec who is a headteacher of Zespół Szkół w Lubczy, and to Mr Grzegorz Ludwin who is an owner of a transport company – “Ludbus”.

Students from Croatia met and talked to Mr Davor Bucević who is a headteacher of Osnovna Skola Bol, and to Mrs Andrijana Mladina and Ivana LjubaCo the representatives of ”Le Meriden” hotel.

Students from Portugal met and talked to Mr José Carlos Félix – the owner of “Transportes Trinense, LDA company”, and Mrs Isabel Jerónimo who is a headteacher of “O Cantinho dos Amigos” – Primary school.

Students from Germany met and talked to Mr Basuslu who is the representative of Dr Oetker company, and to the representative of “Halfar” company.

Students from Greece met and talked to Mrs Lora Desylla who is owns an optician’s, and to Mr Stavros Provatos who is the owner of “Libretto coffee and Spirits” café.


Except for meeting employers in homecountries, students got also a chance to meet employers during international meetings:

- Halfar Company in Bielefeld, Germany

- elPLC company in Tarnów, Poland


We would like to thank you all the employers who devoted their time to meet our students. We are grateful for the cooperation and we hope that it will continue.




International Learning/ teaching activities in Lubcza, Poland

From 7 to 13 May 2017 we took part in second international learning / teaching / training activities – this time in Lubcza, Poland.

Twenty students and eleven teachers from Germany, Croatia, Portugal and Greece arrived to Poland on 7th May and along with seven Polish teachers and twenty-one Polish students they participated in the planned activities.

The meeting was full of activities that were connected with the topic of the meeting “Science around us”.

On the first day participants were introduced to Polish culture and Zespół Szkół in Lubcza. There were welcome speeches, meeting with local authorities and media, performances and Polish cuisine degustation. Students also participated in origami workshop and napkin folding workshop. During the workshops students used mathematics and savior- vivre rules. In the evening there was a tour around the school and its facilities and international party. Teachers also talked about educational systems in their countries, ICT at schools, electronic registers, equipment and projects.

Second day was started with a trip to Tarnów and visiting elPLC company where students were introduced to the company, had an interview with the employer and visited the company. Next we went sightseeing in Tarnów (a pearl of Renaissance) paying attention to the architecture and its history. And the last activity for that day was sightseeing Salt Mine in Wieliczka where students were introduced to the history of the region and salt mine itself. They found out about working underground and technology that helps miners.

On the third day we went to Stone Town in Ciężkowice where we took part in outdoor game. Students received maps and photos of rock formations that they were supposed to find, they also faced first aid tasks, questions about European Union and Europe’s geography.

Forth day was typically scientific. Participants went to Cracow where at Jagiellonian University (Faculty of Physics, Astronomy and Applied Computer Studies) they took up workshops. They were doing experiments connected with ice melting, prism, optics and electricity. After the workshops they attended a lecture “Physics in Star Wars” and did experiments connected with the lecture. Our next stop was Cracow’s Chocolate Manufacture where students participated in chocolate workshops getting to know history of chocolate and they made their of chocolates.  We also went on a guided tour around the Old Market Square in Cracow.

On the fifth day students took part in International Quiz – they answered lots of questions connected with astronomy, biology, geography, history and landmarks. Then they participated in art workshop using origami skills they were taught on first day. Groups prepared canvases with origami and photos that were taken to home schools. We also took part in a trip to Ryglice and a meeting with Mayor of Ryglice Community. Teachers discussed the next planned exchanged in Corfu and rules of Oxford Debate.

Participants took part in evaluation of the meeting and we got the feedback. Now we are looking for next international meeting in Corfu, Greece in October 2017.

To see more photos visit  Photo Gallery

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