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Portuguese inventors and scientists


Have a look at the list of Portuguese inventors and discoverers!


Did you know all of that?


-        Elvira Fortunato              

o   She invented the first paper transitors – which facilitates tags on items


-         Ultrasound dishwasher

o   It was invented by teams of Polytechnic Institute of Porto and Faculty of Technology of Warsaw


-        Carols Duarte

o   He makes lots of research about marine ecosystems


-        David Sobral

o   He discovered a new galaxy CR7 that is the brightest in the universe


-        Nuno Santos

o   He gave us lots of information about planetary formation


-        Maria Jose Pereira

o   She created a new elastic adhesive made of molecules to close “holes” in babies hearts


-        Renata Gomes  

o   She created a nanoparticle that regenerate tissues and organs


-        Tiago Flamingo Outeiro

o   Lots of discoveries connected with Parkinson disease


-        Egaz Moniz

o   He was the inventor of brain surgery called lobotomy



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