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Evaluation meeting in Corfu

Evaluation is crucial for our project and its activities. During 2 years we carried out lots of surveys, conversations, meetings and observations to ensure high quality of the project and its results.

Teachers from partner countries took part in transnational project meeting from 14th to 18th May 2018 to evaluate the project and get ready for final report. 


Throughout 5 days teachers visited 1st Gimnasium of Corfu and observed its management. They also took part in an ICT workshop prepared by George Keffalonitis to present various ICT tools that may be used at school. Among presented and disussed tools were e.g. Kahoot, Augmented Reality, QR Codes. 

Representatives shared their experience about internationa and national project that others can join or adjust to their needs. There was a recommendation for KA1 Erasmus, Learning Enterprises, Generation Global, Microbit, Phoenix Project, Brain Gym, Charity Run, Let's Vote project and Local products' project. Teachers could ask questions, exchange their ideas and suggestions to apply new learnt things at their schools.

During the meeting teachers prepared a plan for eveluation of the project and discussed some issues for final report. The coordinator summerized project's activities and results and presented methods of dissemination and implementation of them. 

The meeting was a succes since all its objectives were met and all participants received a certificate of attendance.

There are still Erasmus Days to celebrate at our schools so follow our website.


Visit Evaluation meeting Corfu to see some photos


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