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Meetings with specialists – autumn term

Our project is in a full swing with the beginning of the new school year. Practising open-mindness within “Open your mind, change your life” project we organized meetings with specialist in our home countries.


Greek students met Mr Theodoros Sgouros - Internal Audit Manager who gave them very interesting guidelines and real-life examples of successful or not-so-successful CVs.

Croatian students met nutrition specialist – Mrs Valentina Uroić.

Portuguese students had a chance to meet a music therapist – Mrs Silvia Fernades who took care about their mental well-being.

German students attended the meeting with a representative of National Job Agency – Mrs Heitbreder.

Polish students met Mr Robert Ługowski who works as a firefighter and paramedic. He instructed our students how to use First Aid in various situations.


We would like to thank all specialists who agreed to meet our students and share their knowledge and skills.

We really appreciate our cooperation and look forward another meetings.


Trips to be continued


Our students who participate in Erasmus+ programme’s project „Open your mind, change your life” continue their adventure. They go on educational trips to learn new things and develop their skills.

They visit museums, exhibitions, memorials and educational centers. Let’s have a look at the spots their visited recently.


Polish students visited salt mine, medieval settlements and a museum of butterflies in Bochnia.

They also visited the art gallery in Tarnów.


Greek students visited some archeological and historical sites – Paleopolis Park and Museum.

They also visited Corfiot Public Library, English Barracks and the Old Fortress in Corfu.


German students visited Berlin and joined Job Fair in Technical College in Bielefeld.


Portuguese students visited Verdizela Region that was involved in Natura 2000 programme.

They also visited


Croatian students visited National Park Krka and Brać island to develop their environmental and historical knowledge.

They also visited Brijuni National Park, Pula, Nikola Tesla’s Memorial Center and they explored Baredine cave.


This year we are going to have one more trip for each country (at least) - follow our website and TwinSpace to find our more.


Over 200 classes a year

During the first year of the project "Open your mind, change your life" teachers hold over 200 classes for students. Those classes included: maths, physics, science, English, mother languages, debating, civil education and job advising. We are glad that the attendance at those extra clases was so high. We would like to thank all students and teachers who participated in those classes.

Join our extra classes next school year 2017/2018



Travel broadens the mind

During the last few month students that take part in the project participated in educational trips.

During the trips they learnt a lot thanks to learning by doing. The project “Open your mind, change your life” promotes informal educations and takes students out of school to learn by experiencing.

Each partner school has organized so far 2 educational trips. Check our first trips:


And here are some photos from our second trips:



-        Trip to the center of glass heritage in Krosno and museum of Oil industry in Bóbrka


-        Trip to Corfu International Airport – the Tower


-        Trip to Samouco salt mines


-        Trip to Phaneo / Wolfsburg


-        Trip to Vode - Visit to the hydropower station


Next trips in July.

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