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A movie to summarize the project


The project "Open your mind, change your life" lasted 2 years and involved 14-17 years old students from five partner schools

  • Zespół Szkół w Lubczy - Poland
  • Osnovna Skola "Bol" - Croatia
  • Agrupamento de Escolas Dr Antonio Augusto Louro - Portugal
  • 1st Gimnasium of Corfu - Greece
  • Realschule Heepen - Germany

During the project we organized:

  • 2 transnational meetings
  • 4 international learning/teaching activities
  • over 500 extra classes
  • 42 educational trips
  • 23 meetings with employers
  • 33 meetings with specialist
  • several visits at universities
  • Erasmus+ days
  • and many more!

Watch our video to see what happened during those 2 years of the project.

Open your mind, change your life - summary



Evaluation meeting in Corfu

Evaluation is crucial for our project and its activities. During 2 years we carried out lots of surveys, conversations, meetings and observations to ensure high quality of the project and its results.

Teachers from partner countries took part in transnational project meeting from 14th to 18th May 2018 to evaluate the project and get ready for final report. 


Throughout 5 days teachers visited 1st Gimnasium of Corfu and observed its management. They also took part in an ICT workshop prepared by George Keffalonitis to present various ICT tools that may be used at school. Among presented and disussed tools were e.g. Kahoot, Augmented Reality, QR Codes. 

Representatives shared their experience about internationa and national project that others can join or adjust to their needs. There was a recommendation for KA1 Erasmus, Learning Enterprises, Generation Global, Microbit, Phoenix Project, Brain Gym, Charity Run, Let's Vote project and Local products' project. Teachers could ask questions, exchange their ideas and suggestions to apply new learnt things at their schools.

During the meeting teachers prepared a plan for eveluation of the project and discussed some issues for final report. The coordinator summerized project's activities and results and presented methods of dissemination and implementation of them. 

The meeting was a succes since all its objectives were met and all participants received a certificate of attendance.

There are still Erasmus Days to celebrate at our schools so follow our website.


Visit Evaluation meeting Corfu to see some photos



6 months’ summary

Erasmus+ project „Open your mind, change your life” started on 1st September 2016. During the six following months of the project we managed to follow our plan and agenda. Within 6 months we managed to get engaged in the project and its activities over 200 students. Detailed information about activities was posted on our website and schools’ websites. Among the most crucial activities that took place within last 6 months are:

    In the competition took part 50 students from each partner school.
    Each school chose the best 2 logos that were presented during Transnational meeting in Seixal.
    The Greek logo won this international competition. The winner was Dimitra Sermeti-Ganatsiou from 1st Gimnasium of Corfu.
    Lots of enthusiastic students took part in it and were very proud of their participation diplomas.
    31 teachers took part in activities, workshops and discussions in Seixal. During the meeting teachers discussed project (its aims, timetable, responsibilities, budget, dissemination of results, evaluation), teaching methods (activating, motivating, disciplining) attended classes with disabled students, compare educational systems, share experiences and attended workshops
    The workshops were fully prepared, fulfilling the defined objectives. Students were really engaged in all the activities, developing their communication skills, team work and presentation in English. Within 6 months students and teachers attended various workshops:

    •    Europass and the labour movement (students/teachers)
    •    Language Passport (students/teachers)
    •    Europass CV (students/teachers)
    •    Job interview (students/teachers)
    •    Cookery Project (students/teachers)
    •    Technology Project (students/teachers)
    •    Dancing Project (students)
    •    Working with cork (students/teachers)
    •    ICT workshop (teachers)
    •    Job counseling (teachers)
    •    Schools’ cooperation with parents (teachers)
    •    Students’ motivation/behavior/relationships (teachers)
    •    Activating, motivating, disciplining methods (teachers)
    In December 30 students and 18 teachers participated in International meeting in Bielefeld. They attended various activities e.g. workshops, lectures, sport activities, sightseeing or meeting with an employer. During the meeting they used English as a communication language.
    There were 5 meetings with employers in our home countries and 1 meeting with an employer in Bielefeld (Germany).  During the meetings students met:
    •    A headteacher of Zespół Szkół w Lubczy – Mrs Barbara Golec (Lubcza)
    •    A headteacher of Osnovna Skola “Bol” – Mr Davor Bučević (Split)
    •    An optician and shop owner – Mrs Lora Desylla (Corfu)
    •    Owner of a transport company TRANSPORTES TRINENSE, LDA – José Carlos Félix (Seixal)
    •    An employer from Halfar company (Bielefeld)
    There were 5 meetings with a specialist in our home countries and 2 meetings during international meeting in Bielefeld. During the meeting in Bielefeld we met a nutrition specialist and a healthy lifestyle expert.
    •    A dietitian – Paulina Czech (Lubcza)
    •    A dietitian – Valentina Uroić (Split)
    •    An economy expert form Commerce Bank (Bielefeld)
    •    A psychologist – Fernanda Andrade (Seixal)
    •    A psychologist – Angeliki Nikita (Corfu)
    Our teachers hold classes once a week. Classes mainly involved Maths, English, ICT and Science. We carried out over 75 classes.
    Each partner school organized 1 trip to show students new things and get them interested in something new.
    •    Trip to Jagiellonian University, Museum of Engineering and Collegium Maius in Cracow (Lubcza)
    •    Trip to Pavilion of Knowledge (Seixal)
    •    Trip to Maritime museum in Split (Split)
    •    Trip to Auto Center Gaus (Bielefeld)
    •    Trip to Department of Music Studies of the Ionian University (Corfu)
    The project has been successfully disseminated in the local newspapers/media and it was considered important to the community.
    The project activities and progress are shown to every visitor in each partner school at Erasmus+ corners and have been appreciated by the community.
    Project’s website and Twinspace were presented to  the community and are regularly updated.
    Each school prepared leaflets in mother language and in English.
    Schools also have banners to inform that school takes part in Erasmus+ project.
    Students were very effective in presenting their schools and regions, working in teams and showing their ICT knowledge and communication skills in English. Each partner school prepared a presentation about school, home town, country.
    Students prepared booklets with positive phrases/words that were presented during meeting in Bielefeld.
    A team of German students enthusiastically videotaped all the activities what led to the achievement that all students were committed to the tasks and enjoyed them in team work.

The project is very beneficial for our students and communities. Neighbourhooding schools also want to take part in the project, they show their interest in our activities. People from our hometowns noticed the importance of learning languages and wants to improve their communication skills. Both students and teachers appreciate practical way of activities e.g. meetings with employers, preparing application documents.
We hope to get our project more popular and let our results be used by others who may be interested in them.


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