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Portugal Featured

Dr. António Augusto Louro is a junior secondary school, combining five nursery schools and five primary schools (ages 4 to 17). It is located in Seixal, a town near the capital, Lisbon.

In our school there are 800 students, 87 teachers, 1 psychologist and a team of 16 teachers working with disabled students. We have 5 grades and 38 classes. Two of these classes are formed exclusively by young people who have previously academic failure and are now receiving professional training related to their vocational preferences. Teachers are expertise in working with special needs students and there is a specialized classroom in multiple disabilities.

At our school, students study Portuguese Language, English, French, Spanish, History, Mathematics, Science, Geography, Physics, Music, Arts and Gymnastics. The school Library and Resource Centre supports self-learning methods and it´s very popular among students and teachers. It incorporates a wide range of appropriate print, multi-media and electronic resources selected to match the school's curriculum, the students' learning styles and abilities and their interests, focusing the development of information literacy skills. In all classrooms there is a computer connected to a video projector and there are 6 rooms with Interactive board and 3 rooms for ICT exclusively, with 30 computers each. Our school library/resource center is also equipped with computers for students and all these computers are with Internet access.


Germany Featured

The school Realschule Heepen was founded in 1969, maintained by the town authorities of Heepen and it developed into a municipal school after the reorganization of the region. The school is a “European School”, which means that it puts the mainstress on learning foreign languages, on European topics in the different subjects and on being in contact with schools in other European countries. At the moment there are 54 teachers who are teaching 678 students in 24 classes. Bielefeld is located in the middle of Germany, in the near of Hanover in North Rhine Westphalia next to the border to Lower Saxony.

 There are 24 classrooms, a library, a canteen, 2 assembly halls,a playground, a gym and sports fields with a running track. There is a swimming pool directly next to our school which is being used by our classes. Recently our school has been equipped with multiple teaching aids e.g. there are 2 computer rooms, white boards and in most classrooms there is a computer, access to the Internet, a projector and a CD Player. The school is also equipped with rooms for Chemical lessons, Physics, Woodwork ,a  fitness room and 2 Art rooms. These places are perfect for interdisciplinary lessons and projects. We also take part in many projects with topics like healthy lifestyle, football and volleyball matches or fun run for charity. There are many different projects and periods of practical training to prepare advanced students for working life. At the beginning of the last year at school students go on excursions for one week. As this educational trip is being prepared carefully with respect to its targets and an evaluation afterwards, students get the chance to achieve particular knowledge of a town or region in Germany or another European country. There are regular competitions of readers reading German texts as well as texts in a foreign language like English or French. As in our school there are lots of refugees and immigrants we aim at integration and getting them know, accept and tolerate various cultures - we take part in international projects to let them achieve our goals.


Greece Featured

The 1st Middle School of Corfu is the oldest in Corfu. It consists of about 232 students aged 12-15 years old and 33 teachers of many specialties. Our school has participated in many different programs: environmental, cultural. Every year a team of students with the Computer Science teacher create a 3d replica of the city of Corfu (each year a part of the city) that is connected to the previous year's part, with an objective of creating a whole town replica. Finally, teachers and students of our school create or participate in Etwinning projects each year. The last two projects called "One Day in the Museum- A Virtual Tour" and "Creating Games Using Scratch".

          Our school consists of 16 classes, used mainly as teaching classes (12 of them) two as foreign language classes and we also have a chemistry lab, full equipped with all the necessary objects to enable teachers and students understand Physics and Chemistry better. The last class is our Computer lab, a well-equipped lab with 14 computers, all new, laser printer, two video projectors, and internet connection. Inside the five of the rest classes are projectors and interactive whiteboards with internet access, enabling the teachers to use synchronous educational methods. Teachers and students have access to computers and internet at the teachers room, where ten (10) computers are available for use.


Croatia Featured

Primary school Bol is a small friendly school situated in Split, a lovely town on the Adriatic coast. It provides general education for students aged 7-15. At our school there are 450 students in 22 classes taught by 37 teachers, 1 psychologist, 2 defectologists, 3 teaching assistants. There are 27 classrooms, a library, a playground, and a gym and sports field. Our school is well equipped and has access to the Internet. We run a wide range of extracurricular activities, including sports, cooking classes, ecology, drama, choir etc. We promote safe and healthy lifestyles implementing a number of programs for safety and health.

We have participated in numerous projects.  In 2012-2014 a team of 15 teachers and 16 children (total of 58 mobilities in these two projects) from our school have participated in two Comenius School Multilateral Partnerships and the experience in these projects gave the team confidence and courage to take further action on the European level.  The aforementioned projects are: „The Source of our Health“and „Happy Children, Happy World with Traditional Children's Games“. We have introduced Fruit Day during the project in 2012 and kept it until now.


Poland Featured

Zespol Szkol in Lubcza is a public school combining nursery school, primary school and junior secondary school. It provides general education for students aged 3-16.  At our school there are 352 students in 18 classes taught by 39 teachers. There are 13 classrooms, a library, a canteen, a school’s day room, playground, a gym and sports fields with a running track. Recently our school has been equipped with multiple teaching aids e.g. there are 2 interactive boards and in each classroom there is a computer, projector and access to the Internet. Our students come from Lubcza and neighbourhooding villages Wola Lubecka and Dzwonowa. Our village – Lubcza is located in the south-east of Poland on the border of two provinces: Malopolska and Podkarpacie. This is a rural area with no industry where about 3000 inhabitants live.

Our students take part in multiple projects and programmes that develop their personality. The priority is healthy lifestyle and international relations. At our school students receive free fruits and vegetables and free milk “Szklanka Mleka”. Among international projects we participate is eTwinning, Face to Faith or Learning Enterprises. Our teachers hold after school classes to help students with subjects they have problems with and to develop their skills as well.

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