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Dr. António Augusto Louro is a junior secondary school, combining five nursery schools and five primary schools (ages 4 to 17). It is located in Seixal, a town near the capital, Lisbon.

In our school there are 800 students, 87 teachers, 1 psychologist and a team of 16 teachers working with disabled students. We have 5 grades and 38 classes. Two of these classes are formed exclusively by young people who have previously academic failure and are now receiving professional training related to their vocational preferences. Teachers are expertise in working with special needs students and there is a specialized classroom in multiple disabilities.

At our school, students study Portuguese Language, English, French, Spanish, History, Mathematics, Science, Geography, Physics, Music, Arts and Gymnastics. The school Library and Resource Centre supports self-learning methods and it´s very popular among students and teachers. It incorporates a wide range of appropriate print, multi-media and electronic resources selected to match the school's curriculum, the students' learning styles and abilities and their interests, focusing the development of information literacy skills. In all classrooms there is a computer connected to a video projector and there are 6 rooms with Interactive board and 3 rooms for ICT exclusively, with 30 computers each. Our school library/resource center is also equipped with computers for students and all these computers are with Internet access.

About country PORTUGAL

-          The capital city: Lisbon
-          Population: 10, 460 000
-          Area: 92 212 km²
-          The biggest cities: Porto, Amadora, Setubal, Braga, Coimbra
-         Famous Portuguese: Cristano Ronalda (footballer), Ferdinand Magellan (explorer), Vasco da Gama (explorer)
-          Portuguese cuisine: Cozido da Portuguesa, caldo verde, feijoada trasmontana, bacalhau a bras, Ameijoas a Bulhao Pato

School’s website:

-            www.ebaal.com/portal/index.php/pt-pt

 Portuguese Erasmus+ team

-          The coordinator: Maria Manuela Flecha Ramalho Member
-            Maria Josè Amador
-          Ana Bela Chaves
-            Carmen Maeques

 Everyday phrases

-          Good morning - bom dia
-            Goodbye - Tchau
-          Thank you - obrigado
-            My name is - meu nome é

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