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The school Realschule Heepen was founded in 1969, maintained by the town authorities of Heepen and it developed into a municipal school after the reorganization of the region. The school is a “European School”, which means that it puts the mainstress on learning foreign languages, on European topics in the different subjects and on being in contact with schools in other European countries. At the moment there are 54 teachers who are teaching 678 students in 24 classes. Bielefeld is located in the middle of Germany, in the near of Hanover in North Rhine Westphalia next to the border to Lower Saxony.

 There are 24 classrooms, a library, a canteen, 2 assembly halls,a playground, a gym and sports fields with a running track. There is a swimming pool directly next to our school which is being used by our classes. Recently our school has been equipped with multiple teaching aids e.g. there are 2 computer rooms, white boards and in most classrooms there is a computer, access to the Internet, a projector and a CD Player. The school is also equipped with rooms for Chemical lessons, Physics, Woodwork ,a  fitness room and 2 Art rooms. These places are perfect for interdisciplinary lessons and projects. We also take part in many projects with topics like healthy lifestyle, football and volleyball matches or fun run for charity. There are many different projects and periods of practical training to prepare advanced students for working life. At the beginning of the last year at school students go on excursions for one week. As this educational trip is being prepared carefully with respect to its targets and an evaluation afterwards, students get the chance to achieve particular knowledge of a town or region in Germany or another European country. There are regular competitions of readers reading German texts as well as texts in a foreign language like English or French. As in our school there are lots of refugees and immigrants we aim at integration and getting them know, accept and tolerate various cultures - we take part in international projects to let them achieve our goals.


About country GERMANY

-        The capital city: Berlin
-         Population: 80,620 000
-         Area: 357 376 km²
-         The biggest cities: Hanburg, Munich, Cologne, Frankfurt, Essen
-         Famous German: Adolf von Baeyer (chemist), Albert Einstein (physic), Arthur Schopenhauer (philosopher), Johann Sebastian Bach (composer), Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (writer), Johannes Gutenberg (printer)
-         German cuisine: Rouladen, Kasespatzle, Rote grutze, Eintopf, Sauerbraten

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Germany Erasmus+ team

-        The coordinator: Lars Wetzel
-         Steffi Schrader
-         Christian Heidemann
-         Tina Woo    

 Everyday phrases

-         Good morning - guten Morgen
-         Goodbye - Auf Wiedersehen
-          Thank you - danke
-         My name is - mein Name ist

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